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Wood Connection!

November 8, 2011

I am entering a contest to win a gift card to Wood Connection.  Check out the new blog, it has some super cute projects.

Also the FB page.  I hope I win!


Life at the moment.

May 18, 2011

I guess it has been over a month since I have really checked in or blogged anything.  Probably should update everyone on all the happenings in our family.

Devin is working hard both at work and at home.  He is still the ward missionary and that calling has been great for him and the members of our ward.  I think he missed secretly missed missionary work.  Besides that he has been spending most of his home time helping his aunt complete a book about his amazing grandma.  He is extremely happy with the outcome and proud of the work.

Lenna.  I am home most days trying to tackle the laundry or dishes.  When I am not home I can be found at the school helping in Jake’s class or with PTA projects.  Next year I am helping the PTA with all the fund raising.  Should be super fun.  I get to design the school t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants.  When I am not at either of those places I am at the church.  I was just recently called at the Activity Day’s Leader.  That keeps me busy twice a month on Wednesday evenings.  I have 3 adorable girls and we have had a great time making various things and playing games.   Shortly following that calling they called me to be the ward camp director.  Camp is the last week in June and should be a blast.  I have really enjoyed working with the YW Presidency and the Amazing YW in our ward and stake.  Camp director put me at 3 callings, I was very pleased to be released from the Cub Scout Committee as the Scout Parent Unit Coordinator.  I have to admit that was a difficult calling for me.  I am currently prepping for my June boutique.  I am really excited, I am hoping to have some great new hair flowers, as well as some adorable frames.  I am working on having plenty of great vendors, and beautiful weather.  If you are around come check everything out!

Jake is super busy! HE LOVES Kindergarten, and he is really happy to have his teacher back from maternity leave.  We recently were informed that Jake has been accepted to take part in a Dual Immersion Program at a nearby school.  Next year, he will be learning both Spanish and English.  We are really excited for him and glad Devin served a Spanish speaking mission.  It will help out with homework.  Jake just finished playing Spring Soccer with Murray City.  He had a great time especially since one of his best buds from school was on his team.  The last week has been really busy with Jake.  Thursday, we found out Jake had Strep throat.  Then on Monday evening, Jake jumped off of the trampoline in the back yard, and broke his arm/wrist.  It is a minor break, definitely not nearly as bad as it could have been.  We are so grateful for that.  He will get a waterproof cast on Sunday, with summer coming I would be crazy not to put him in a waterproof cast. I have to admit I am relieved it is so close to the end of the school year.  He broke his right arm, so he is having a hard time with school work, especially initially with the splint on.  The Dr. said the cast will allow him to do much more, we are crossing our fingers.


Grace.  Grace is just as happy as can be.  She recently had a bought with pneumonia, even being sick she is just such a content girl.  She has started discovering Barbies.  Crazy, but fun.  She loves princesses.  The most difficult things with Grace right now are; keeping her in one change of clothes per day.  SHE LOVES TO GET DRESSED. I think I pick up 5 clean shirts, and 3 pairs of pants off her floor most evenings.  The other big stresser with Grace has been Potty training.  She acts like she is ready, wants to wear undies, and not a diaper, but she doesn’t go when she needs to.   I keep thinking that it will just be so much better to do this once summer is here and she is playing outside more.  She loves to read, color, and do puzzles.


It seems like is kind of crazy for us right now.  BUSY, I am sure things will slow down once school gets out!

The Biggest Loser Challenge!

March 18, 2011

I (Lenna) entered a “Biggest Loser” competition. It will run for 6 months. Each month I will have to report and be weighed. Total percentage weight lost will determine the winner. The winner will receive a pretty good reward. $600-700 and the fact that they have lost the weight and are healthier. Second and third will also get a reward. I am really hoping to win! It will be awesome to loose the weight I really want and NEED to, but even if I didn’t win, it will be so great to be in a position that is working toward my final goal. Every step is a step closer. I am not going to say my current weight only that I want to loose between 28-35% of my current weight. (If you ask me my weight I will be honest and tell you. Most people that ask are pretty shocked when I tell them. A few have asked me to prove it, and many say that I carry the weight really well, but I really don’t enjoy the way my body feels.) THIS IS A HUGE GOAL! Right now I feel really motivated, and I hope that motivation will continue all the way through to the end. I believe as I loose weight initially it will drive me to continue working. It is going to be the point when I plateau that I am a little concerned about. But I am not going to worry about it now, I will cross that bridge when it comes!

For those that are interested; here is how I am planning on doing this. First, I am really out of shape. I used to really like to exercise, and be active. That has kind of all gone away, I believe mostly because it hurts. My goal is to work out 6 days a week for at least an hour. In May I want to run a 5K. Actually RUN IT!!! I also want to run one in July and The Dirty Dask 10K September. Next, I am really trying to eat better, not as much sugar, lower fat, and more fruits and vegetables, lean meat, etc.

There you have it, the big competition started on Monday for me since that is when I weighed it, and I have done really well this first week. I only missed one day working out (we went to the temple that night.) I have also stayed within my caloric range everyday. I have already lost 5 lbs. water weight I am sure, but 5 lbs. is 5 lbs.

Sledding was Snow Fun!!!

January 27, 2011

We decided that it was time to take the kids over to the park for some sledding.  Talk about packed park, but it was wonderful and the kids really enjoyed it.  Except when Grace got a face full of snow, mostly she enjoyed being towed around on the sled. Jake spent a good portion of the time chasing his sled from midway up the hill, but he made a new friend and was sad to go home!

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My newest project… HEADBANDS!

April 20, 2010

Some of you are already aware of the numerous crafts and projects that I do.  Well, I have a new one.  I have started making and selling fun woven headbands.  I want to say thank you to all of you that have purchased them from me, and that I hope you will continue to purchase products from me.  For those of you that this is the first time you are hearing or seeing these, I hope you like them and find them to be something that you might consider purchasing for your daughter, niece, grand daughter, or friend.

I have three currently listed at the handmade craft site  my shop is:  but you don’t have to buy them there.  You can call, or email me, or come by my house.  Etsy is mostly for people that live a little  or a lot farther away, and to branch out.  I am very proud to say that a local store is also selling my headbands.

I will be adding new headbands very soon.  But I am not at all opposed to making custom orders, matching dresses or outfits.  I have a huge variety of ribbon colors and patterns.


Easter, Forts, and Soccer

April 19, 2010

Alright, so I haven’t posted anything in a really, really long time!  Sorry about that.  Things have been really great in our home.  We love our little house in Murray, and have anxiously anticipated spring.  Jake and Grace spend most of their days playing outside. But to go back a little bit.  Here are some fun pictures from Easter and some of our indoor activities.

Ney Easter Festivities!

We had a fun little Easter party with my dad.  A delicious Pizza dinner, and fun Easter Egg hunt.  Grace really enjoyed this activity, picking up all the eggs she could find.  Jake loved the special dinosaur looking eggs we picked out for him.

Blanket Forts…

Everyonce in a while, when Devin and I are helping the kids pick up the toys in our  basement he builds forts over and around the couches with all the blankets we have.  This time around I just happened to snap a couple of cute little pictures.

Grace Reading.

Grace has recently let us finish reading books to her.  Her favorite is one titled: “Sometimes I Like To Curl Up In A Ball”  She loves the book.  In fact, she enjoys it so much we keep catching her reading the book all by herself.

Jake Soccer – The Bears

This last weekend was Jake’s first soccer game.  He is on a team of 5 and 6 year old boys, 11 of them.  He is the youngest boy  on the team (at 4 almost 5) but one of the three tallest.  He still needs to work on his soccer skills but I am sure by the last game he will be doing just fine.

Adventure #3 – Lake Powell

November 17, 2009

Now for the much belated… third adventure of the summer…  LAKE POWELL!!!  It has been way to long for me.

I missed the lake so much and although it was rough to be there with a busy, moving, crawling 10 month old, we had a really great time!